Create a style that makes you feel as beautiful as your husband thinks you are, the kind of magnetic scroll-stopping image that stands out on and offline - to grow your income and impact (regardless of your age, dress size, or audience size).


Your brand image reinvention:

from the inside out

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And while you’re scrolling for the “deal” you think will solve your style struggles? 

You’re also comparing yourself to all those “pretty” and “successful” women you see online, wondering if you’ll ever feel as confident as they seem.

If you think that booming business and iconic style is for those “other” women, but not for you…
And if you don’t feel as stunning as your husband thinks you are…

It’s time to change that.

I see you scrolling your phone in an outfit that you’re less than thrilled about, impulse shopping without a style vision or plan. 
I used to draw my “inspiration” from the women I admired from afar, on the hamster wheel of consistently creating the content, but not seeing the results I yearned for in my business. 

And my style? Let’s say it was less than eye-catching.

It wasn’t until I stopped modeling my brand, business, content, and image after someone else’s version that I stepped into the success I had only yearned for before.

Alongside that newfound brand clarity and style confidence, my business took off.

It’s time to stop chasing the success you desire. It’s not just for the women you put up on a pedestal. It’s for you, too.

I’m handing you the roadmap.

It’s waiting inside of you.

A closet that feels like a candy store
A style so sizzling you get compliments left and right - and for the first time - you actually believe them
Landing dream clients and partnerships
Growing a community of raving fans
Well-known in your field
A magnetic brand created from the magic you have already inside

where your business and style confidence could be 6 months from now….


You’re the CEO of your brand
You’re the CEO of your mind
You’re the CEO of your business
You’re the CEO of your life

A live coaching program that combines the power of style, mindset, personal branding, and the art of marketing to guide you in creating the self-image of a powerful CEO to build a business and brand of your dreams.

Your image is your visual resume - you are the walking, talking representation of your brand. Your outfit and non-verbal cues are telling the story of who you are before you even speak and others are making assumptions about what that is within a tenth of a second of laying eyes on you. 

Consumers are looking at your social media profiles before they decide to follow you, hire you, and buy what you’re selling. You get to control that narrative to create a brand that’s authentic, magnetic, and memorable.

In CHIC CEO you get all the tools to create a unique brand, market your value with an image that attracts your ideal customer to create more income and impact as your brand authority and voice builds alongside your style confidence. 

CHIC CEO is ...

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Right now you might be feeling:

If any of that resonates, CHIC CEO is for you! It’s time to build your brand - from the inside out.
As if you’re constantly comparing your business to others as you scroll social media
Unsure how to stand out in your industry
Like you wish clients would be coming to YOU
Like you constantly work on your business but don’t see the results you desire

Scared to show up on camera without a filter
Confused about your brand
Like you create content that doesn’t get noticed
Afraid to put yourself out there because of what people will think
Like you shop with no vision or intention

Unenthused about your style so you hide behind comfortable clothing

"This is a life changing experience!"

The clarity and freedom that I’ve felt around getting dressed in the last few weeks has resulted in my husband giving me the eye; friends, family, and strangers complimenting what I’ve put together; and most importantly, feeling confident being bold, bright, and happily “me”.




As we build your brand - you will learn all the ins and outs of curating an aligned wardrobe to show up each day as the face of your business with the ultimate confidence - from the inside out ✨


Module 1:

Your brand vision
You will establish your Brand Vision which will serve as your guide as you develop your personal brand throughout the remainder of the modules.

Module 2:

Your Brand Reinvention
You will set up for success by learning tools and strategies required to step into the next level version of your brand

Module 3:

Your Brand Image
You will establish your visual brand identity from colors to style to aesthetic to outfits to create a brand image that will attract the customers, clients, and opportunities of your dreams.

Module 4:

Your Brand Story
You will identify your brand mission and brand story and learn how to incorporate more of you in your marketing to connect with more customers in an authentic way to build brand loyalty, credibility, and conversion.

Module 5:

Your Brand Evolution
You will prepare for the future of your brand as it evolves and grows with you, along with a toolbox of strategies to fall back on as you meet any roadblocks on the way to fulfill your dream brand vision.


Your Brand Photoshoot
You’ll learn how to prep for your brand photoshoots - everything from choosing outfits to location to photo execution so you can bring your elevated brand image to life behind the camera. 

HERE’S A BREAKDOWN OF WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Inside the Brand Building Bootcamp…


Inside the program you will have two coaching calls a month with Julie so she can support you as you work through the self-paced material within your private portal.

Implement your ABCs

You will learn everything from attention, camouflage, balancing techniques, and the perfect proportions for you, along with how to create a color story - both for your closet and within each outfit - that harmonizes with your color patterns so more of YOU can shine. 

Customize Your Closet

This is where you’ll learn how to customize each outfit from shoes to accessories to bags to create that custom wardrobe that represents your unique style and brand so you can finish a look with ease and create that magnetic style that will attract your dream client like a breeze.

You will learn all you need to know about identifying what your body type and shape is, along with the ins and outs of dressing for your body from fabrics to cuts to styles that suit you for that shopping, body, and style confidence (without changing a thing about your body!)

Dress for Your Body

You will create a style vision that aligns with your brand and then create an environment, habits, and routines that support your brand vision to start from a clean slate. You will set up for success - both your mindset - and your closet. 

Clean Slate

"I look at my closet and feel inspired to wear the pieces,
it's like a candy store!"

I was told once by a coach "just be yourself" and at that time my brain went blank because as simple as that sounds, I didn't know what that meant. I never took the time to really get to know me. During the course I did that and dove deeper within myself to find my style and that voice. I feel more clear, creative and excited to show up everyday. Plus, the complexity of getting dressed every morning is gone.



This program is for the woman who wants to embody the confidence of a CHIC CEO. She wants to stop guessing how to create an authentic style, she wants to put outfits together with ease, and she wants to feel confident in her body, her purchases, and her brand.

Everyone has a personal brand. You have a brand if you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, network marketer, teacher, mom, hair stylist, designer, realtor, PR professional. 

Regardless of your profession, you have a personal brand. The only question is - is it intentional?

Who is this program for? 

CHIC CEO is the for woman who is ready to

elevate her style

You're in the right place.

I’m an Image Consultant, Personal Brand Coach...

and former Special Education Teacher with a counseling and behavior background. With no sales experience, I became one of the fastest growing leaders in my fashion company in the network marketing space. I moved on to create my own business, attracting opportunities as a guest expert on podcasts, approached to speak to thousands of women on stages across the country and to train the marketing department at Fortune 500 companies and large universities on the power of image, personal branding, and social media marketing.

more about me

Meet your mentor!

When I made the decision to take control of my image- my world changed

When I built my personal brand I built this business of my dreams and I started living this life of my dreams, but it wasn’t always this way….

You see, I left my teaching career almost a decade ago to be a stay at home mom, but once I was… I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self.

I started a “side hustle” - became an “influencer” - but felt like an imposter, so unsure of myself in every which way, yearning for the success of the girls I saw on social media who seemed so confident, but never believing that success could be for me, too.

Your self-image can be your biggest barrier or your greatest asset. For my whole life, it was my barrier. It was time to make it my asset. Once I did, I was unstoppable.

It became my mission to share that shift in image - from the inside out - with other women, so they can become unstoppable, too.

I leave no stone unturned combining my unique experience and expertise to give you the roadmap to create the success you desire in your business, and in your life, with my personal support every step of the way.



an authentic style you’re obsessed with

landing clients that you’d only dreamed of before

showing up confidently online, kicking comparison to the curb

growing your online community with the right audience

an increase in income and impact 

raving fans and a booming business

being known as the expert in your field

building a brand you’re proud of





The day of my brand photoshoot I was completely energized and excited to do it. This was my one chance to have that shoot that would really represent me and my brand and Julie really helped that come to life in a way that I couldn’t have done without her.


CHIC CEO has affected my confidence in every aspect of my life. My business, my live feed videos, my customer group. People have noticed and I have noticed as well! I am, overall, confident in my own style.


This program has been so much more than I could have ever imagined. CHIC CEO has opened my eyes to know I am in control of my confidence with how I get dressed each day.


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and perfect in her own skin! Julie gets you there, with a sincere heart and genuine interest in seeing every individual member find what works for her, not just a 'one style fits all' approach. I learned things I can take with me through the rest of my life, no matter how my body may change or look.


I have had so many game changer a-ha moments and it’s only been a month. I'm so glad I took the plunge.

To step into the upleveled version of your brand to unapologetically claim your unique space on and offline?

Your style transformation


 is JUST one click away

What comes inside the program?

In the program you get:

Live Coaching

Twice a month, you will have one image mentoring call per month and one business oriented call to access Julie’s support as you implement all you learn. Can’t make live? No problem. You have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time and watch the recordings back at your leisure.

The CHIC Method Course (lifetime access!)

This is Julie’s signature course that walks you through all you need to know about creating a self-image to support your up-leveled brand and curating a closet unique to your body type and style, along with all the timeless information you need to create killer looks and intentional purchases - for the rest of your life!

The Brand Building Bootcamp (lifetime access!)

Your crash course in personal branding and marketing where you’ll hone in on your brand identity, vision, mission, and the foundation of building a brand and business of your dreams.

CHIC E-Books (lifetime access)

Workbooks to accompany The CHIC Method and Brand Building Bootcamp courses so you can implement the material on your own timeline, plus CHIC checklists, collages, and cheat sheets to make learning your style a breeze - at a glance.

Fillable Outfit Lookbook (lifetime access)
To keep track of your curated outfits as you create them throughout the program to make getting dressed to embody your unique brand a breeze!


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Private Community (lifetime access)
A private style community to get support, feedback, celebrate your wins, ask questions, share progress. A safe place to foster friendships, connection, with women who are like-minded.

Seasonal Shopping Guide 
You’re a busy woman and I want to help you press the easy button on shopping. Enjoy a stylist-curated selection of picks for the season so you can update your wardrobe as easy as one two three!

Seasonal Trend Reports
So you can remain updated in your style with a snapshot of what’s current in fashion without the pressure of keeping up with the trends. Julie provides a walkthrough of fashion simplified for the season, what trends to adopt and how to adapt to stay true to your brand and your style. 

Library of Coaching Calls
Access to all past live coaching calls immediately upon enrollment

Her confidence skyrocketed!

For Lisa, it turned a few things - including her husband's head - AND included a promotion at work. Not to mention all the compliments from strangers and co-workers.




Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very busy and I’m worried about how much time this will take.

The material in this program is delivered immediately upon enrollment and you will have lifetime access to go through the modules on your own time to accommodate very full schedules.

What if I can’t make the monthly calls?

The calls are all recorded and uploaded to your portals to watch or listen back as your time allows!

If I choose the payment plan option, do I still get access to all of the materials, immediately?

Yep, you sure do!

Since we have access to two monthly calls with you for a year, what happens if I want to continue those calls for support after a year?

You will have the option to pay a yearly fee to access support calls if you’d like Julie’s continued support after the year is up!

I’m on a weight loss journey - should I wait until after I’ve lost weight to enroll?

Absolutely not! You will learn timeless information to start showing up with style confidence now AND as your body changes through a weight loss journey. Waiting for your body to look a certain way before investing in you is a mentality that keeps many women in the same place for way too long - let’s change that.

What happens when I join?

You will receive login information to access your private portal to dive into the self-paced material, immediately, as well as access to calls with Julie, immediately (and access to all past coaching calls to binge, if you wish!) You will also be welcomed into our private style community for peer support, encouragement, and feedback! 

Am I too old to build a personal brand?

You are never too old to build a personal brand. You get to decide what your narrative is and take control of that - at any age. That’s what we will do together inside the program!

Listen in for a candid conversation between Julie and Amanda as Amanda describes her experience inside CHIC CEO.


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