What about knowing exactly what to pick out that works for you, saving money on unintentional purchases, and looking forward to getting dressed because you can put elevated outfits together with ease?

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"This is a life changing experience!"

The clarity and freedom that I’ve felt around getting dressed in the last few weeks has resulted in my husband giving me the eye; friends, family, and strangers complimenting what I’ve put together; and most importantly, feeling confident being bold, bright, and happily “me”.


I'M IN !

You may currently be feeling like you want to:

If that sounds like a dream, it doesn’t have to be anymore… 
CHIC is the program to make that dream a reality.
Know exactly what looks best on your body type

Put elevated outfits together effortlessly

Increase your confidence

Translate your style to align with your goals

Figure out and fine tune your style

Be more intentional with your purchases

“During the course I dove deeper within myself to find my style and that voice. I feel more clear, creative and excited to show up everyday. Plus, the complexity of getting dressed every morning is gone.”



There’s power in knowing you can reinvent your style any time you choose, to make sure it aligns with who you are, your vision, and your goals.

Let’s curate that narrative.

 “I no longer allow things into my closet that don't fit me or my style vision. Finally it's not about what's wrong with me when something doesn't work. Instead it's about the clothes being wrong for the woman I'm becoming, and that feels FREEING.”


When you join CHIC you get immediate access to your own personal style portal filled with tutorials, guides, and resources to support you in creating your iconic style.




When starting your iconic style journey, the first step is to begin with a fresh slate. Here we will build the vision that sets the tone for your style, showing you how to create clarity around your vision, your closet, what to purge, what to keep, what items are must haves in your wardrobe, and strategies that will help you take ownership back of your closet as we move step by step through our library of videos. 


Never feel that you have a weird body that’s too hard to dress ever again. Everything to clarify how to dress your shape - from fit to cut to fabric - to make you feel like the most magnetic when you look in the mirror is what you’ll learn in this set of lessons.

Ever wish you could look put together, effortlessly? This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll not only learn how to create that put together style, but all things you may ask yourself about how to camouflage, what colors to pair together to make you glow, and how to balance your proportions to nail every outfit.

Here’s where you step into being your own personal stylist. You’ll learn how to perfect each look so you have that wedding dress “YES!” feeling each morning. You learn how to strategically shop like an expert to create a customized signature style that makes your closet feel like a candy store.


starting with Julie’s signature style process: The CHIC Method.
These are the steps within The CHIC Method self-paced library:

Other resources inside
of your CHIC portal

Ever wish you had a Stylist in your back pocket to give you custom feedback on outfits, specific suggestions for purchases suited for you, or to help determine if something in your closet is dated? Twice a month our Master Stylist, Julie, offers group coaching calls so you can ask your custom questions for any clarity or guidance you may need.
(1 year access)



Ready for endless outfit ideas at your disposal so that you never feel boredom in your closet? That’s exactly why we provide the Outfit Vault! We have you covered for every season and every occasion so that you have endless inspiration for new creative ideas for how to wear what you already have in your closet. (lifetime access)

Seasonal Trend-Setter Reports

Say goodbye to the confusion of trying to figure out how to stay modern in your style without following all the trends to”keep up”. This breakdown of fashion simplified, modern silhouettes, and how to adapt them to your body, goals, style, and lifestyle will keep your style fresh, without breaking the bank. Get ready to be a trend-SETTER. (1 year access)

Seasonal Stylist-Curated Shopping Guides

We want to help you press the easy button on shopping. Ever wish you had a Stylist who would shop for you? We’ve got you covered! The Seasonal Shopping Guide is a curated selection of 100+ picks from our Style Expert, Julie, along with a video walkthrough of ideas for styling each piece from casual tops to bags to accessories to workwear - and every category in between. (1 year access)


Style extends beyond our closet and expands into the office, our social media profiles, and the zoom room. Style icons build their personal brand image with intention so in The Brand Image Intensive we cover how to show up online and behind the camera as the face of your personal brand to create a magnetic presence that gets you noticed on and offline. (Lifetime access)

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Listen, I had a shopping PROBLEM. I mean overspending EVERY month and still having nothing to wear in my closet. Now that I have my very own style vision, I have HIGH FREAKING STANDARDS for what I buy because I know who I'm becoming and what pieces in my closet I'm missing within that vision. I no longer get distracted by try-on hauls. Turns out being OBSESSED with my own style vision is actually saving me hundreds every single month.” - Jess

I’m an Image Consultant...

and former Special Education Teacher with a counseling and behavior background. With no sales experience, I became one of the fastest growing leaders in my fashion company in the network marketing space. 

As my brand evolved, I went though intensive Stylist and Color Analysis training, created my own business, my own signature process that I teach within my program, as well as speaking to thousands of women on stages across the country, including entrepreneurial events and Fortune 500 companies on the power of image and personal branding.

Meet your mentor!

When I made the decision to take control of my image- my world changed

When I built my personal brand I built this business of my dreams and I started living this life of my dreams, but it wasn’t always this way….

You see, I left my teaching career almost a decade ago to be a stay at home mom, but once I was… I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self.

I started a “side hustle” - became an “influencer” - but felt like an imposter, so unsure of myself in every which way, yearning for the success of the girls I saw on social media who seemed so confident, but never believing that success could be for me, too.

Your self-image can be your biggest barrier or your greatest asset. For my whole life, it was my barrier. It was time to make it my asset. Once I did, I was unstoppable.

It became my mission to share that shift in image - from the inside out - with other women, so they can become unstoppable, too.

I leave no stone unturned combining my unique experience and expertise to give you the roadmap to create the confidence you desire both personally and professionally.






The day of my brand photoshoot I was completely energized and excited to do it. This was my one chance to have that shoot that would really represent me and my brand and Julie really helped that come to life in a way that I couldn’t have done without her.


CHIC CEO has affected my confidence in every aspect of my life. My business, my live feed videos, my customer group. People have noticed and I have noticed as well! I am, overall, confident in my own style.


This program has been so much more than I could have ever imagined. CHIC CEO has opened my eyes to know I am in control of my confidence with how I get dressed each day.


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and perfect in her own skin! Julie gets you there, with a sincere heart and genuine interest in seeing every individual member find what works for her, not just a 'one style fits all' approach. I learned things I can take with me through the rest of my life, no matter how my body may change or look.


I have had so many game changer a-ha moments and it’s only been a month. I'm so glad I took the plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program a good fit for me if I’m a stay at home mom and not currently working?

It sure is! This program is for any woman who wants to take control of her style and curate a closet she loves to put outfits together easily for day to day life, date night, and anything in between!

I’m very busy and I’m worried about how much time this will take.

The material in this program is delivered immediately upon enrollment and you will have lifetime access to go through the modules on your own time to accommodate very full schedules.

Will this program help me if I have a brand I share online?

Absolutely! You’ll not only take control of your personal style, but you’ll hone in on your brand image as well as how your brand extends into your marketing to build your online presence!

Is this a good fit if I work in a corporate setting?

Definitely. You will learn how to curate a wardrobe that functions for you both for the office and in your personal life so you can feel magnetic, build your brand within your company, and create more attention and influence as a result!

I’m on a weight loss journey - should I wait until after I’ve lost weight to enroll?

Absolutely not! You will learn timeless information to start showing up with style confidence now AND as your body changes through a weight loss journey. Waiting for your body to look a certain way before investing in you is a mentality that keeps many women in the same place for way too long - let’s change that.

How do you address all different body types in a group program? My body feels like it’s so hard to dress so I want to make sure CHIC will help me.

There are many components to your body. In the program, we treat each element as a separate building block. For each different component of your body, there is a different lesson built around that for you to watch if it applies to you. I guide you through the process to identify your body shape and to the corresponding lessons. If you are petite, there is a lesson for that. If you are busty, there is a lesson for that. If you have a short torso - there is a lesson for that. (just to name a few!) Once we combine each element - that’s when you nail your style. Every single woman’s body is addressed in this program. Your body isn’t hard to dress - and once you learn the components of dressing for your body - you’ll change your outlook on that :)

What if I’m a style beginner?

This program is perfect for you to take you from beginning - to style mastery!

What if I have pretty good style, but want to learn more - is CHIC a good fit?

Absolutely. We have women in the program who are trained Stylists & Image Consultants who simply wanted to learn even more, while working on evolving their own image! 

What do I have lifetime access to when I join?

The CHIC Method, The Outfit Vault, and The Brand Image Intensive

If I join VIP how long do I have access to the Shopping Guides and Seasonal-Trend Setter Reports?

For one year! If you want to renew your yearly VIP membership you will have access to both for another year, along with another year of access to coaching. 

If I choose the VIP payment plan, do I still get access to the entirety of the program immediately?

Yep, you sure do!

What if I want to do the VIP option, but can’t always make the monthly calls?

The calls are all recorded and uploaded to your portals to watch or listen back as your time allows! You can submit your questions beforehand to be answered on the calls regardless of whether or not you can make them live.

Listen in for a candid conversation between Julie and Amanda as Amanda describes her experience inside CHIC.


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