What about curating a wardrobe and a brand you are obsessed with?
Want getting dressed to feel effortless? 
How about feeling absolutely magnetic when you look in the mirror - turning your spouse’s head and attracting attention online?

Are you ready to feel like

a Style Icon? 

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"This is a life changing experience!"

The clarity and freedom that I’ve felt around getting dressed in the last few weeks has resulted in my husband giving me the eye; friends, family, and strangers complimenting what I’ve put together; and most importantly, feeling confident being bold, bright, and happily “me”.



You may currently be feeling like you want to:

If that sounds like a dream, it doesn’t have to be anymore… CHIC CEO is the program to make that dream a reality.
Find out what looks best on your body type
Create outfits effortlessly 
Put yourself out there confidently
Build your brand with a magnetic presence 
Attract dream opportunities and clients
Figure out your style
Be more intentional with your purchases
Increase your confidence and put yourself first

Align your style with your brand

“During the course I dove deeper within myself to find my style and that voice. I feel more clear, creative and excited to show up everyday. Plus, the complexity of getting dressed every morning is gone.”


Style Icons are admired, they have influence, and as a result, their impact (and income potential) is limitless.

Your image is your visual resume. Your outfit and presence are telling the story of who you are before you even speak. 

Consumers are looking at your social media profiles before they follow you, hire you, and buy what you’re selling. 

Ready to be a Style Icon?

Let’s curate that narrative.

When you join CHIC CEO, you get instant access to:


 to NAIL your style + curate a wardrobe you're obsessed with

to build your influence through an authentic, magnetic, and memorable brand


Here’s what’s covered in each self-paced course:

Step three: Implement
your ABCs

You will learn how to use your clothing to draw attention where you want it, how to balance your proportions, how to strategically camoflauge the areas you aren’t as comfortable with, along with creating a color story for your closet- everything from shoes to the color combinations that harmonize with you!

Step four: Customize
Your Closet

Ready to know how to finish your look for the perception you want to achieve AND how to make each outfit feel like WOW! From the specifics of choosing shoes to the accessories to bags that are right for you, to shopping like a pro - this set of lessons is the finishing touch to nailing each outfit and customizing a wardrobe that makes getting dressed the most fun - and seamless - part of your day. 

From fabric to fit to your body shape and type, you will learn all you need to know about what fits and cuts work for you! Get ready to look at your outfits (and shopping!) through a totally new lense. This timeless information is a style game-changer.

Step two: How to Dress for Your Body

In this set of lessons you’ll learn how to create your style vision, how to clean out your closet to include the right pieces for you, along with all the style basics, including how to build a wardrobe strategically before we move into the logistics of your outfits.

Step one: Clean Slate

Step one:


You’ll learn how to create a brand vision that aligns with your goals to serve as your guide as we develop your personal brand throughout the rest of the lessons.

Step two:


You will establish your visual brand identity from colors to aesthetic of your social media profiles to your outfits to create a brand image aligned with your personal style + your goals that will attract the customers, opportunities, and clients of your dreams.

Step three:


Deep diving into your brand’s values, mission, the person you help, and topics you share across your marketing, this guide will serve as the handbook for your brand to zero in on your unique magic to differentiate yourself.

Step four:


You will learn the A-Z of social media marketing and develop a consistent online presence for your brand with a content plan to attract your ideal customers and opportunities so you never have to wonder “what do I post” again.


Your Brand Photoshoot MODULE

Confidence on Camera MODULE
Private community for peer feedback and support from other like-minded women!

Now that you’ve created a style you adore, it’s time to deep dive into your brand in the Brand Building Bootcamp:

And that’s not all you get as a VIP…

Ever wish a Stylist would keep you up to date on what’s happening in fashion, but simplified in a way that’s practical for you to implement?

What about seasonal Stylist-curated shopping guides to hit the easy button on wardrobe updates?

Yes, please!

you join as a VIP you also get Julie’s individualized support on 2 group coaching calls for a year as you work through the self-paced material. 


In addition to Julie’s coaching, VIP members also get access to these bonuses:

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Seasonal Shopping Guide 
You’re a busy woman and I want to help you press the easy button on shopping. Enjoy a stylist-curated selection of picks for the season so you can update your wardrobe as easy as one two three!

Seasonal Trend Reports
So you can remain updated in your style with a snapshot of what’s current in fashion without the pressure of keeping up with the trends. Julie provides a walkthrough of fashion simplified for the season, what trends to adopt and how to adapt to stay true to your brand and your style. 

Library of Coaching Calls
Access to all past live coaching calls immediately upon enrollment

She wants to elevate and fine tune her style, she wants to put outfits together with ease, and she wants to feel confident in her body, her purchases, and her brand.

This program is for the women who wants to embody the

confidence of a Style Icon


I’m an Image Consultant, Personal Brand Coach...

and former Special Education Teacher with a counseling and behavior background. With no sales experience, I became one of the fastest growing leaders in my fashion company in the network marketing space. 

As my brand evolved, I went though intensive Stylist and Color Analysis training, created my own business, my own signature process that I teach within my program, as well as speaking to thousands of women on stages across the country, including entrepreneurial events and Fortune 500 companies on the power of image, personal branding, and social media marketing.

Meet your mentor!

When I made the decision to take control of my image- my world changed

When I built my personal brand I built this business of my dreams and I started living this life of my dreams, but it wasn’t always this way….

You see, I left my teaching career almost a decade ago to be a stay at home mom, but once I was… I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self.

I started a “side hustle” - became an “influencer” - but felt like an imposter, so unsure of myself in every which way, yearning for the success of the girls I saw on social media who seemed so confident, but never believing that success could be for me, too.

Your self-image can be your biggest barrier or your greatest asset. For my whole life, it was my barrier. It was time to make it my asset. Once I did, I was unstoppable.

It became my mission to share that shift in image - from the inside out - with other women, so they can become unstoppable, too.

I leave no stone unturned combining my unique experience and expertise to give you the roadmap to create the success you desire both personally and professionally.



An authentic style you’re obsessed with

A closet that feels like a candy store

Knowing exactly what to shop for

Showing up confidently online (and offline!)

Growing your online community with the right audience

Being known as an expert in your field

Building a brand you’re proud of





The day of my brand photoshoot I was completely energized and excited to do it. This was my one chance to have that shoot that would really represent me and my brand and Julie really helped that come to life in a way that I couldn’t have done without her.


CHIC CEO has affected my confidence in every aspect of my life. My business, my live feed videos, my customer group. People have noticed and I have noticed as well! I am, overall, confident in my own style.


This program has been so much more than I could have ever imagined. CHIC CEO has opened my eyes to know I am in control of my confidence with how I get dressed each day.


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and perfect in her own skin! Julie gets you there, with a sincere heart and genuine interest in seeing every individual member find what works for her, not just a 'one style fits all' approach. I learned things I can take with me through the rest of my life, no matter how my body may change or look.


I have had so many game changer a-ha moments and it’s only been a month. I'm so glad I took the plunge.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m very busy and I’m worried about how much time this will take.

The material in this program is delivered immediately upon enrollment and you will have lifetime access to go through the modules on your own time to accommodate very full schedules.

What if I want to do the VIP option, but can’t always make the monthly calls?

The calls are all recorded and uploaded to your portals to watch or listen back as your time allows! You can submit your questions beforehand to be answered on the calls regardless of whether or not you can make them live.

If I choose the VIP payment plan, do I
still get access to the entirety of the program immediately?

Yep, you sure do!

In the VIP, since we have access to two monthly calls with you for a year, what happens if I want to continue those calls for support after a year?

You will have the option to pay a yearly fee to access support calls if you’d like Julie’s continued support after the year is up!

I’m on a weight loss journey - should I wait until after I’ve lost weight to enroll?

Absolutely not! You will learn timeless information to start showing up with style confidence now AND as your body changes through a weight loss journey. Waiting for your body to look a certain way before investing in you is a mentality that keeps many women in the same place for way too long - let’s change that.

Listen in for a candid conversation between Julie and Amanda as Amanda describes her experience inside CHIC CEO.


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