You’re the woman that turns heads with your magnetic, charismatic presence.

You carry that quiet confidence with your head held high. You’re able to stay in the moment because you’re no longer feeling self-conscious. The way you see yourself feels different and the way others see you has changed as a result.

Are you ready to pull out that chic, elevated woman you know you have hiding inside you?

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It’s time to dress for the woman you want to be.

  • walking into your dream closet every morning
  • the flutter of excitement in your chest because you love what you see staring back at you in the mirror
  • the ease of putting outfits together that feels like you’re a little girl again playing dress up
  • the smile that beams across your face as your hubby does a double take when you walk down the steps
  • the success that follows at work as a result of your new-found confidence

You always thought you had to look different to FEEL this difference, but now you know it has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel about how you look.

You didn’t need your body to look a certain way, you needed to learn how to dress for the body you’re in now.

You didn’t need oversized clothing to hide your style beneath. You needed the right clothing for you and to learn to put it together in a way that made you feel like the most fierce version of yourself.

It’s time to give your self-image the glow up you deserve.

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Welcome to C.H.I.C Style School

where clients inside have experienced wins like:


Endless outfit possibilities


Dressing your body confidently


Excitement around bathing suit shopping for the first time in years


A style you’re absolutely obsessed with


A palpable energy and presence on work calls


Clients knocking down the door to work with you as your magic shines through the screen


Your hubby doing a double take as you walk down the step in the morning


Strangers stopping you in the street to compliment how great you look

Increased earning potential based on how sharp you look dressed for the role

An example to your kids as they notice the example of how you’re holding your shoulders back, standing tall, carrying confidence they can emulate



You might currently feel:

  • Frustrated when you get dressed in the morning
  • Bored with your wardrobe
  • Like you’re not sure when you lost your style
  • Like you’re constantly in “comparison” mode
  • You shop but never feel fully satisfied
  • Your closet is filled with clothes, but somehow you wear the same outfits over and over
  • Frustrated at watching numerous style information and never actually creating the style you desire.
  • You pick apart your body when you look in the mirror, constantly in a cycle of feeling like you need to lose weight and feel like you should put off your ideal style until you’ve lost 10 pounds
  • Overwhelmed going into stores and not knowing what to look for to make your style click

"The way I see my closet and my body has changed so much since starting with CHIC a few weeks ago."

The clarity and freedom that I’ve felt around getting dressed in the last few weeks has resulted in my husband giving me the eye; friends, family, and strangers complimenting what I’ve put together; and most importantly, feeling confident being bold, bright, and happily “me”.

— lissa

The solution to curate your closet and uplevel your style with unlimited support from your own personal stylist for a lifetime

Style school


I want you to feel deeply supported so access to me, as a Stylist, for a lifetime, is one of the major perks of being a part of CHIC. We do live calls every month so you can get custom feedback for the rest of your life. All calls are recorded and uploaded to your member portal.

It’s everything you need to know about curating your closet according to your body type, color patterns, and style that’s unique to you. You’ll learn how to create a closet of pieces that work together to create killer outfits each morning, with ease in line with your personal and professional goals. You’ll have lifetime access to 52 self-paced videos in your member portal, along with a 93 pages digital workbook to complement the lessons that will serve as your custom closet plan. 

Here's What You'll Get Inside

Lifetime Access to The CHIC Method and Workbook

Lifetime Access to Calls with a Stylist

Not sure how to dress your shape? You’ll learn that in the program, but will also be provided with shoppable outfits by each body type each season.

Say hello to a style refresh made SIMPLE, Stylist-created just for you, for the rest of your life! Now we’re talkin!

Lifetime Access to  Shoppable Outfits by Body Type each season

How does a quarterly trend report sound each season? At the beginning of every quarter, Julie will break down the upcoming trends, with ideas for how to incorporate them in a practical way so you can keep your wardrobe fresh and stylish. 

Lifetime Access to a Quarterly Trend Report 


Having a group of women to ask questions 24/7 - anything from “should I keep this top” to “any other styling suggestions for these shoes” to “I have a work event Friday night - what do you think of this outfit”? Lifelong friendships form within this community. A safe space with a chic group of ladies: priceless.

Lifetime Access to Our Private Style Community

See what's inside

You will document the outfits you create as you go for your own digital catalog of outfits in your closet that you absolutely love on you.

Your Fillable Outfit Lookbook



How It Works

Dive into The CHIC Method modules and self-guided activities as soon as you join to start curating your closet and your style.

immediate access

Join our monthly live style
sessions and private community to get custom feedback as you curate your closet


A lookbook of outfits so you never have to wonder “what do I wear today” ever again


Listen in for a candid conversation between Julie and Amanda as Amanda describes her experience inside CHIC Style School


Inside CHIC Style School...

Grab your seat today and get the Brand Building Bootcamp!

Inside this exclusive Brand Building Bootcamp you’ll learn how to:
  • create a strong brand image that feels authentic and unique to stand apart from the crowd in a loud social media space
  • tell your brand story
  • connect with more people through the power of marketing yourself as the face of your brand
  • attract more clients, more customers, and more opportunities
  • build brand loyalty with follow you anywhere raving fans
  • create an income you’ve only ever dreamed of before

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building two 6-figure businesses, both through the power of personal branding and marketing - and giving you the roadmap, leaving no stone unturned.


Module 1:

Your brand vision
You will establish your Brand Vision which will serve as your guide as you develop your personal brand throughout the remainder of the modules.

Module 2:

Your Brand Reinvention
You will set up for success by learning tools and strategies required to step into the next level version of your brand.

Module 3:

Your Brand Image
You will establish your visual brand identity from colors to style to aesthetic to outfits to create a brand image that will attract the customers, clients, and opportunities of your dreams.

Module 4:

Your Brand Story
You will identify your brand mission and brand story and learn how to incorporate more of you in your marketing to connect with more customers in an authentic way to build brand loyalty, credibility, and conversion.

Module 5:

Your Brand Evolution
You will prepare for the future of your brand as it evolves and grows with you, along with a toolbox of strategies to fall back on as you meet any roadblocks on the way to fulfill your dream brand vision.


Your Brand Photoshoot
You’ll learn how to prep for your brand photoshoots - everything from choosing outfits to location to photo execution so you can bring your elevated brand image to life behind the camera. 

Her confidence skyrocketed!

For Lisa, it turned a few things - including her husband's head - AND included a promotion at work. Not to mention all the compliments from strangers and co-workers.

Lisa earned a promotion at work

Yes, It Really Works

"This is a life changing experience!"

"It’s impacted how I look at style and my closet so differently! It’s affected my confidence for sure - you see me on my IG stories more and feeling so much better about how I’m sharing! You learn so many things that you thought you knew but didn’t!"

jeanne increased her IG following to over 10K and landed her dream job

“I got dressed for date night after the 3rd week and my husband said (with hand gestures from across the room moving up and down as if to describe my body) “oh wow Tash...this is lookin really really nice!” and the reaction was SO sincere. And it was an outfit made out of clothes I ALREADY HAD and had just never put it together in that way”

natasha is a busy mom of 3 and a sales executive and wanted style to feel simple...mission accomplished!

This program has given me a new found excitement for my closet and putting things together.

- bri

Kind words

It has given me the confidence to express myself through my style and through my outfits and to look put together and purposeful. It has made me think less about my body and why it’s not right in clothes and more about how to find the right clothes or outfits to flatter my body instead which is a positive mindset to have.”

“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


How did you feel getting dressed today?

Your style doesn’t need to be a new year’s
resolution you never get to

I used to fill my closet with random pieces I scored on sale

and after the initial excitement of the purchase wore off, I was stuck in the same place, feeling uninspired by my closet and on the hamster wheel of “nothing to wear.”

I knew there had to be a way

that made me feel like Cinderella every morning.

to curate a wardrobe
  • You might have tried to consume free content to try to piece it all together, but it’s not adding up to the curated closet you desire so getting dressed continues to feel like a chore.
  • You might be excited about going on trips with your family, but dread putting on a bathing suit to splash around in the pool, wearing a tankini to “cover up” to feel more comfortable, not able to be fully present with your kids because you feel self-conscious.
  • You might feel frustrated browsing through your clothing rack in the morning, passing by the dress that you wore 15 years ago you just can’t seem to part with, and the top that still has the tag on because you feel guilty letting it go, thinking: “Oh I’ll wear that someday,” but that someday still hasn’t come.
  • You’re still not excited to get dressed each morning, you still don’t have the time to go shopping for a new wardrobe, and if you do go shopping, you don’t even know if you’re choosing the right pieces, which leads to dressing room dread. 
  • You don’t speak up much in your work meetings because you don’t want everyone looking at you, but you know that isn’t serving the long term dreams you have for yourself, and that’s certainly not what you want your daughter to replicate.
  • You know that taking control of how you feel about yourself is the solution. 
  • And if you keep putting it off, you’ll keep spinning your wheels, hiding under comfortable clothing, and spending time and energy criticizing yourself that could be channeled into the people you love the most.

You are beautiful. You *know* you have style! 

But if you’re anything like me you just need a roadmap - a proven system - with support and accountability - to take your style and your confidence to the next level: a self-image glow-up.

You're in the right place.

But why now?

Know exactly how to style your body type - say hello to intentional shopping!

Make more money by attracting more of your ideal clients with your newfound style confidence and strong, identifiable brand

Create a curated closet that makes every day getting dressed feel like the moment you found your wedding dress

Love what you see staring back at you in the mirror and have the strategies to turn negative self-talk around once and for all

Pull together an outfit like a Stylist, knowing exactly how to fix it when it feels off

Have a lookbook of go-to outfits you are obsessed with, all created from the pieces in your closet

Inside CHIC Style School, you will...

Enroll Now

Create habits that support the vision you’re brining to life

Stay present with your loved ones, showing your kids an example of the confidence you want them to emulate

- Lauren

“I joined so that I could figure out ways to dress my body shape better and figure out how to stop being so stumped to put outfits together when I walked into my closet. I also wanted to figure out how to stop overspending and shopping just to shop. I accomplished that 100%”

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

- Sarah

“I mean, there are basically no words! My business has totally changed!”



I’m Julie, your new Style Therapist

I’m here to help you find that fierce inner fashionista - one that you might not even realize you have in you. And once you find it - a style that’s unique to only you - it’s going to take you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Let’s make your dreams a reality - through your closet.

more about me

Hey there!

When I made the decision to take control of my style and my confidence, my world changed.

I’m a Stylist and former teacher with a counseling background. I became one of the fastest growing leaders in my fashion company. I created this life of my dreams, but it wasn’t always this way….

You see, I left my teaching career to be a stay at home mom, but once I was…

…I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self. Every day felt like groundhog’s day in sweats and a top knot, while feeling envious of all those other girls who “had style” and the “success” I desired.

Your self-image can be your biggest barrier or your greatest asset. For my whole life, it was my barrier. It was time to make it my asset. Once I did, I was unstoppable.

It became my mission to share that shift in self-image with other women, so they can become unstoppable, too.

This program is one of a kind because...

It marries how you feel on the inside with how you portray yourself on the outside.

You can’t have one without the other. 

You can have a closet full of the world’s most incredible designer clothes, shoes, and bags, but if you don’t feel worthy of wearing them, if you don’t feel good about your body and you aren’t able to wear those clothes with confidence, then they’re just clothes.

By combining your style mindset with all the tactical knowledge you need to put those outfits together and on each day with a fierce confidence, along with the support and accountability to follow through - that’s a recipe for magic.

I don’t just give you a fish, I teach you how to fish

I don’t believe in telling you what to do - I believe in showing you WHY, so you have the understanding to apply what you’re learning for the rest of your life, regardless of how your body, style, or personal and professional aspirations might change.

A lifetime of support

You’ll never be on your own. This isn’t just a self-paced course that you go through without having your questions answered. While you do have lifetime access to the material to learn at your own pace, you also have lifetime access to a Stylist for support, which is pretty unique, and very special.

Follow a proven roadmap. Lifetime access to a Stylist. Support Network. Lifetime Quarterly Style Reports, Shoppable Outfits curated for you each season.

This program includes everything that you need to uplevel your style and curate your closet, quickly.

You can keep piecing together free content, comparing yourself to the “skinny” girls all over Instagram, hiding your style under comfortable clothing, waiting for your body to change to invest in yourself, spinning your wheels with more shopping that doesn’t add up to the self-image you’re proud of.

Take a peek inside...

Implement your ABCs (16 lessons)

  • ABC Overview
  • Attention Techniques
  • Balancing Techniques
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Head to Toe Proportions
  • Short-Waisted Balancing
  • Long-Waisted Balancing
  • Short Legs Balancing
  • Long Legs Balancing
  • Short and Long Rise Balancing
  • Clever Camouflaging
  • Your Color Story
  • Contrast Level
  • Inherent and Power Colors
  • Your Neutral Colors
  • Color Harmonies

Customize Your Closet (13 lessons)

  • Third Layers
  • Shoes
  • Shoe Impact
  • Bags for Your Body
  • Jewel School
  • Accessories for Your Face
  • Balance Points
  • Accessories to Change Your Look
  • Print Mixing
  • Your Signature Style
  • Building a Wardrobe
  • Shopping Like a Pro
  • Your Outfit Lookbook
  • The Perfect Fit
  • Fabrics for Your Body
  • Uncover Your Body Type
  • Triangle
  • O Shape
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Petite
  • Tall
  • Busty
  • Plus size

How to Dress For Your Body (12 lessons)

  • Your Before Story
  • Curating Your Self-Image
  • Your Brand
  • Style Vision & Style Statement
  • Setting up for Success
  • New Habits
  • Shift Your Paradigm
  • Closet Cleanout
  • Style Basics

Clean Slate (9 lessons)

Seasonal Trend Report

Shoppable Outfits By Body Type

creating a style you’re obsessed with

building a wardrobe of your dreams

attracting more clients into your world

feeling confident when you look in the mirror

believing compliments when you get them

shopping with intention, so sure about every single purchase from here on out

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Enroll Now

This is for you if:

you’re ready to take control of your style and self-image

you aren’t ready to curate your closet

you want to shop with intention

you’re not willing to learn what works for you

the idea of creating your dream closet excites you

It's probably not for you if...

you don’t think your style matters

you’re ready to attract the clients and opportunities you dream about

you want to show your kids an example of what confidence looks like

you don’t want to invest into yourself

Isn’t life too short for another day of not feeling your absolute best? 

Don’t you deserve that wedding dress feeling when you get dressed each morning and to love what’s staring back at you in the mirror, from the inside - out?

That’s why I’ve created this program - so you can break the cycle create a self-image you’re proud of - 

once and for all

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a lot of time so I’m afraid I won’t take advantage of this program.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time - this was made for you. It’s the simplest way to access the roadmap to curate your closet and uplevel your style - once and for all. You have lifetime access to the material so you can squirrel away 20 minutes a couple of days a week or binge it all in one “you” day. Since you’ll have lifetime access, as you’re going through the lessons, you will be able to ask me questions whether that’s in 1 day from now or 1 year from now and you’ll have the easy button on updating your wardrobe with done-for-you outfits that I create. P.S. I teach you in the program how to create more time for yourself ;) 

I’m on the fence because of the investment.

An investment is a commitment to yourself to follow through. It’s a commitment to the change that you want to feel and investing in yourself leads to the results and transformation that will impact your life for years to come. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on unnecessary purchases. An investment now will pay off in dividends in your future wardrobe.

Do I really get access to a Stylist for an entire lifetime, included?!

You sure do! I want you to feel deeply supported at any stage of your life and style evolution and wanted there to be an “easy button” for you to access that style support. That means that any question that comes up, a piece in your closet you want styling advice for, a photoshoot that you want outfit feedback on - I’m all yours, live, on zoom, monthly - FOREVAAA!!!

I’m on a weight loss journey. Should I wait until I’ve lost the weight to enroll?

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see women make. Waiting for their body to look a certain way to invest in their style. If weight loss is your goal, the first part of the program will walk you through creating a body image that isn’t dependent on the number on the scale, and you’ll watch other results in your life soar as a result - including your body goals. You’ll also learn how to flatter your figure regardless of how your body might change. Let this mark the end of waiting for your body to look a certain way in order to invest in yourself. That, alone, will change your life.

What happens when I join?

You will receive your login information to get immediate access to your portal with the entire CHIC Method program, workbook, and fillable outfit lookbook so you can dive into creating your dream wardrobe immediately! You’ll also have immediate access to my support, to the private style community, and shoppable outfits I’ve curated by body type, the seasonal trend report, and all backlogged style sessions/Q&As.

What if I can’t make it to one of the monthly Zooms for your support?

All calls are recorded and uploaded to your portals so you never have to worry if you can’t make it live! You will have the opportunity to submit questions at any time and I will cover the submitted questions as well as questions for anyone on live so you can watch the recording back at your convenience, always knowing you’ll get the support you need!